$100 all you can eat and drink! Sold out!

The Stop's Night Market

Sold out!

A fundraiser by The Stop community food centre


Feed yourself more, feed everyone more

Chefs’ creations.
Your favourite libations.
With a new location.
And more room for you
and your friends!

All funds support The
Stop’s critical programs
that fight hunger, build
hope, and inspire change.

About The Stop's Night Market

The Stop’s Night Market is a teeming feast for the eyes, belly, and heart. This annual fundraising event is a captivating mash-up of the best of Toronto’s street food, art, music, and offers Torontonians a unique chance to experience an iconic space like they’ve never seen it before. Inspired by night markets from around the world, The Stop’s Night Market transforms a public space into a tantalizing feast for the senses over two summer nights in June, featuring over 60 chefs, 20 local beverage vendors, and 35 one-of-a-kind food carts created by local designers.

Held for the first time in 2012, Toronto Life named The Stop’s Night Market as Reason No. 5 in their Reason’s to Love Toronto 2013 edition. BlogTO has called it “quite possibly the nicest, best catered summer soiree in the city.” In 2014, the event SOLD OUT in under an hour and raised over $149,000 for The Stop Community Food Centre’s critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs.


  • Agents of Urban Change (AoUC)

    Craig England
, Owain Harris
, Kris Gonzales, Pascal Paquette

  • AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario

    Renee Bellefeuille
, Beth Bruno

  • Allo Studio

    Stephanie Bowles
, Joahnna Cabalu, Lucas Mainella, Eitan Zohar, Patrick Augustynowicz

  • Xander Cummins
, Pooneh Khaleghi
, Adriana Lychacz

  • Bare Minimum

    Emma Hannaford, McKayla Durant, Lindsay Hill, Katrina Clancy

  • Boko

    Stephanie Boutari
, Adam Schwartzentruber
, Delores Schwartzentruber
, Luke Schwartzentruber

  • Petra Bogias
, Alan Kobayashi

  • Brothers Dressler

    Lars Dressler, Jason Dressler

  • Evelyne Au-Navioz, 
Robert Giusti
, Sisley Leung

  • Chanel Dehond

    Chanel Dehond, Stephen Wenzel

  • Geoff Christou, Emad Ghattas, Mark Zupan, Henry Murdock, Sonja Storey-Fleming

  • Emily Cheng, 
Vivien Cheng
, Pari Desai
, Brian Hamelin
, Erin Leslie

  • Design + Build + Grow

    Margot de Man, 
Mark Grimsrud, 
Sarah Ives, 
Ron Noble
, Newton Xian

  • Dialogue 38 + Design Republic

    Victoria Kwon, 
Emily Yoon, Luca Marotti, Craig Stephens

  • Dialogue 38 + Design Republic

    Sharlene Yuquico, Scott Sampson, Kevin Tian, Bennett Lo, David Wieler

  • Discreet and Discrete

    Maiwenn Castellan
, Thomas King
, Sean Kosonic
, Gideon Naf, 
Lucas Winters

  • Stewart Evans
, Katt Gudov
, Stewart Hupple
, Laura McClure
, Kat Nebesna

  • Joseph Costanza
, Jonathan Day, 
Marcus Parisi

  • Gensler

    Angela Bachetti
, Kelly Fishman, 
Jonathan Lim
, Michael Otchie

  • Infinite Destination

    Maral Ali-mirzaei
, Faezeh Ehsani

  • Kannishaa Loganathan
, Emily Weir
, Aarti Yajnik

  • Heejin Jeong
, Keshvar Merchant
, Amy Shim
, Miko Stagg
, Shannon Sun


    Vivian Lee
, James Macgillivray
, Clara Syme

  • Carolyn Fearman, 
Melanie Liaw, Nicholas Carlino

  • Elizabeth Hum
, Vivian Kwok
, Janet Lam
, Samantha Lee Chan

  • Suhaib Amaoot, 
Dakota Wares-Tani

  • Outsider Spatial

    Josimar Dominguez
, Mark Francis
, Jenny Shearman
, Andrew Winters, Suhaib Bhatti

  • Peter Hurson

  • Alex Manojlovich, 
Eric Reid
, Sonya Terek


    Erica Govan
, Jacob Shank
, Sean Robins, Andrew Thorpe, Roland Rom Colthoff

  • Chloe Leung
, Vivien Li
, Joelle Tso

  • Society & Co.

    Ken Lam
, Nicholas Chen-Yin, Alburt Lefebvre, Simon Shahin

  • Jessica Lockwood
, Kayley Mullings, Samantha Chan, Paul Keodprom, Mike Chapuis

  • Straus Design

    Hayley Straus, Aimee Bender, Adam Straus
, Brad Straus
, Aaron Summerfield

  • studio 781

    Shelley Ludman
, Welland Sin
, Alana Young

  • Tara Keens-Douglas
, Abe Galway
, Ian Huff
, Lisa Rajkumar-Maharaj
, Tyler Walker

  • Take Out

    Lucy McGroarty, Naomi Tallin, Adrian Kenny, Adam Balkwill, Rocelyn Rivera, Chiharu Hao

  • Mike Taylor, Michael Bootsma, Uros Novakovic, Judith Martin

  • Nicholas Ager
, Matthew Gelowitz
, Matthew McQuire
, Gerald Karaguni

  • Teeple Architects

    Martin Baron, 
Amanda Chong
, Jeff Hanning
, Mahsa Majidian
, Matt Peddie
, Thilani Rajarathna

  • Roman Fomin
, Sonali Kallianpur
, Naomi Leitman
, Corissa Maclellan

  • Willinsky Design

    Aaron Willinsky


Sous Chef

Garde Manager



Ticket info

The Stop's Night Market 2015 takes place Tuesday, June 16th & Wednesday, June 17th in the vacant lot at 181 Sterling Road in Toronto. You can choose which date you wish to attend when you purchase your tickets, pending availability. Tickets are $100 (plus fees) each and will be available for purchase ONLINE ONLY.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday, May 13th at NOON. Please note that there is a limit of four (4) tickets per order. Visit www.ticketbreak.com/thestopsnightmarket or nightmarket.thestop.org to make your purchase.

This year, we are partnering with TicketBreak. Please note the following features that will make your purchase easier and faster:

1. You can pre-register an account with TicketBreak.com and just sign-in on May 13th to make your transaction faster!

2. Due to the very high demand and website traffic for tickets to The Stop's Night Market, we have implemented a queue system for purchase. Each patron will be assigned a number when the event goes on sale to ensure a smooth, timely transaction process.

Please note that with your ticket purchase you will also receive a $25 tax receipt in the months following the event.

Thank you for your support! All proceeds from The Stop's Night Market support The Stop Community Food Centre's critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs.


  • Lianne Holland

  • Kathe Rogers

  • Jackie Pal

  • Alex Bordokas
  • Bryn Bratton Wall

  • Chloe Brown

  • Jonathan Broderick
  • Lorne Covant

  • Heather McGaw
  • Sahar Ghafouri-Bakhsh
  • Kristina Groeger
  • Timea Jakab
  • Jacqueline Kay

  • Kristen Lim Tung
  • Thomas Masmejean
  • Zinta Steprans
Kristina Groeger

Kristina is culinary director, food stylist, visual artist, and junior web developer. In her free time Kristina builds websites, maintains a personal visual art blog, and volunteers as an event planner. She has been working in the food industry for over 10 years.

Favourite vegetable: Beet

Lianne Holland

Lianne is The Stop’s Events and Fundraising Coordinator and lead organizer of The Stop’s Night Market. Whether she is cooking up a fundraising event like Night Market or whipping up dinner for a group of friends, few things make her happier than bringing people together over food. Access to healthy food is a basic human right, and Lianne thanks you for supporting The Stop in its mission to provide our community members with just that. She’s thrilled that you will be joining us in June to support The Stop’s mission and to celebrate the power of food, art, music, design, and our amazing city!
Favourite vegetable: Brussel Sprouts

Bryn Bratton Wall

Bryn hails from Alberta, land of big skies and losing hockey teams. She's spent the last four years in Toronto mixing drinks and pouring beer. She loves food and will eat anything in her way to get to it. Bryn lives in the Annex with her ex-boyfriend (AKA husband) Matthew and their cat Calamity Jane.

Heather McGaw

Heather combines her interest in design, people, and social impact by designing human-centred products and services during the day, and experimenting with food and ideas by night. Heather highly encourages you to ignore your parents and play with your food.

Favourite vegetable: Mushrooms

Jacqueline Kay

Production designer. Interior designer. Eating since 1980.
Favourite Vegetable: tempura ;)

Kathe Rogers

Kathe is the Communications Manager at The Stop. This is her 2nd year working on the Night Market, and she’s incredibly excited to celebrate community and the power of food with like-minded Torontonians. Kathe is an avid volunteer and social justice advocate. She is also a former film student, and throws a pretty awesome Oscar party every year. A self-proclaimed pop-culture trivia guru, Kathe’s cat is named after Rob Lowe’s character on The West Wing, and she can recite the opening monologue from the television series Quantum Leap. Seriously.
Favourite Vegetable: Zucchini

Chloe Brown

Chloe is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at Community Food Centres Canada. She has worked for the Greenbelt Fund and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, and is a long-time supporter of The Stop, previously volunteering weekly in their drop-in. Chloe completed her Masters at Simon Fraser University in association with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
Favourite vegetables: tomatoes, asparagus, rapini, and ruby-red beets!

Sahar Ghafouri-Bakhsh

Sahar is an emphatic lover of all things tasty, celebratory, green, and good. Her journey at The Stop began over five years ago as an event volunteer, and since then she has spent many glorious hours cooking, eating and growing with the amazing Stop community. She is glad to have finally found a way to incorporate more spectacle and artistic flair into the act of eating, at The Stop’s Night Market.
Favourite vegetable: Broccoli

Kristen Lim Tung

Kristen is a member of the design collectives KRONA & LION and RUNE where she explores her interest in materials, craft, and merging disciplines. If you're looking for her outside of the studio you can probably find her eating with friends and family.
Favourite vegetable: Brussels Sprouts.

Jackie Pal

Jackie, a former Television Production professional came beckoning to The Stop's doorstep in 2011 looking to cleanse her soul from years of Reality TV development. It is there she found refuge and within a couple months, along with The Stop's former events coordinator Danielle Goldfinger, she co-created The Stop's Night Market. When she's not working on The Stop's Night Market, Jackie can be found with either a camera or pen in hand reviewing Toronto's restaurants for Toronto Life or organizing experiential events for her boutique event company, The Curated Social.

Jonathan Broderick

Jonathan has a fascination with urbanism and the distinctive pieces that contribute to the portrait of our city. While traces of his writing, style and design capabilities frame his depiction of Toronto, he is more than excited to support The Stop in their mission to increase access to healthy food. This is his 3rd year with The Stop's NM!
Favourite vegetable: Tomato (Jonathan respects that some people consider this vegetable a fruit)

Thomas Masmejean

Alex Bordokas

Alex's thing is cultural production. He comes to us via travelling the world conceptualizing and making different events happen. An anthropology graduate, he speaks four languages and has a penchant for conscious movements of the musical circus variety. He is the founder of the Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions.

Lorne Covant

In his fourth year working with the Stop's night market, Lorne brings his knowledge of the marketing and design world. When not volunteering, he spends his time as associate creative director at Bensimon Byrne.

Timea Jakab

When not eating, Timea can be found designing buildings, visiting a construction site, or being an architect. She loves to cook, eat and is currently working on developing her green thumbs. As a kid, she wanted to grow up to be Martha Stewart.
Favourite vegetable: Eggplant.

Zinta Steprans

Zinta Steprans is a sommelier working at The Living Vine, a wine agency focused on sustainable, Organic and Biodynamic wineries. Her love for wine goes hand in hand with her love of food and cooking and has recently been rounded out with a passion for backyard, veggie gardening.


What is The Stop?

The Stop Community Food Centre works to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community, and challenges inequality. From its origins as one of Canada’s first food banks, The Stop has blossomed into a thriving community hub in Toronto’s west end. Neighbours participate in a broad-range of programs that provide healthy food, foster social connections, build food skills, and promote engagement in civic issues. Underlying all of The Stop’s efforts is the belief that food is a basic human right. Visit our website to learn more about our innovative work.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets will be available at 12PM on Wednesday, May 13 through the event website. Please note that tickets will be available for purchase ONLINE ONLY.

Although we wish we could accommodate everyone who wants to join us at The Stop’s Night Market, please note that there is a limit of four (4) tickets per order.

All sales are FINAL and there are NO refunds.

How does buying a ticket help The Stop?

The Stop’s Night Market is a fundraiser for The Stop Community Food Centre. Our programs and innovative approach have never been more urgently needed: recent reports peg the city’s child poverty rate at 30%, the highest in the country, and there is an unabating demand for our emergency food programs. Skyrocketing housing costs, precarious employment, unliveable social assistance rates, and lack of affordable daycare are among the policy shortcomings that continue to hobble our fellow citizens and their families in their aspirations for healthy, dignified lives.

We rely on the generosity of our donors to maintain our programs. All proceeds raised through ticket sales for The Stop’s Night Market support our diverse range of programs, including our drop-in meals program, healthy food bank, perinatal program, community advocacy, local food markets, community cooking programs, sustainable food systems education, community gardening programs, and our state-of-the-art greenhouse and compost demonstration centre.

Your $100 ticket purchase will provide your neighbours with access to 20 meals in The Stop’s Drop-in, or healthy food hampers for four (4) families from our Food Bank, or increased access to our urban agriculture, community cooking, and education programming for children and adults in our community.

Feed yourself, feed everyone!

If it’s all-you-can-eat, then I can bring my Tupperware containers and load up for the week, right?

No. Our chefs are generously donating their time and their product, and base the number of servings they offer on the number of guests expected each night. We encourage everyone to stay, sample, and enjoy everything on offer, and to remember that there are hundreds of other guests who are hoping to do the same. Please be considerate. Thank you in advance!

I really, really love The Stop – can you please make sure I get tickets?

Sorry! As much as we would love for you ALL to attend, we cannot guarantee tickets. Complimentary tickets are available through event sponsorship only.

What can I do if the event sells out?

We hope you will try again next year! A sold-out event means that The Stop will reach its fundraising goals and be able to continue its critical work in the community. There are many other ways you can get involved and support The Stop, so please visit our website!

What is this event all about?

All proceeds from The Stop’s Night Market benefit The Stop’s critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs. The Stop’s Night Market celebrates diversity, community, and the power of food. Inspired by night markets from around the world, The Stop’s Night Market transforms a public space into a tantalizing feast for the senses over two nights in June, featuring over 70 chefs and over 39 one-of-a-kind food carts created by local designers.

What do I get when I buy a ticket?

Your ticket gives you access to The Stop’s Night Market for one night only. The date of access will be chosen by you when you make your purchase. Please note the date carefully!

Once you enter the event, you can eat and drink AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE from our 48+ food and beverage vendors each night from 7PM to 11PM! Relish the vibrant atmosphere, vote for your favourite food cart design, connect with friends (and make new ones!), and enjoy live and interactive music and art performances.

The Stop’s Night Market is an opportunity to enjoy good food and to build community – something that we do at The Stop Community Food Centre every day.

My plans changed – can I switch my ticket to the other night?

You can only enter the event on the night for which your ticket is valid. There are no exceptions. All sales are final, no exchanges and no refunds can be issued.

Will there be options for vegans and vegetarians?


Is the event 19+?

Yes! Wine, beer, and spirits will be available throughout the evening. Please bring a valid photo I.D. No one under the age of 19 will be admitted.

Will there be non-alcoholic drinks available?


Can I bring my baby? What about my dog?

Strollers are not permitted at this event and will be turned away at the entrance. No one under the age of 19 will be admitted, but, if you must bring your baby, you must use a carrier (and we strongly recommend headphones, too). Dogs or animals of any kind will not be permitted at this event, so please plan accordingly.

Is the event venue accessible?

Yes! There are no physical barriers at the venue. If you have concerns about accommodations that may be required, please contact us.

What else can I do at Night Market besides eat?

Mix and mingle, check out the unique designs created for our food carts, enjoy live and interactive music and art performances, including each night’s featured performance, and learn more about the impact your ticket purchase will have on The Stop’s programs and community.

What happens if it rains?

The Stop’s Night Market is happening rain or shine, so dress appropriately for the weather! Check out our Facebook Page to see how we managed to have fun during last year’s rainstorm! Just a reminder, there are no refunds.

Location181 Sterling Road

DateJune 16 – June 17

Time7PM – 11PM

Sold out!

The Stop Community Food Centre charitable # 1191-92763-RR0001